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Jan 14th, 2021

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Everybody was surprised when Google decided to release a new web browser, its name: Google Chrome. Google said that it was easy, fast and very usable, and that's what we have checked when we have downloaded and tested this amazing web experience.

The address box is called Omnibox, that prefix Omni tells us that we can do everything from within that box, in fact you only have to type the internet address you want to access or the word you want to search, it doesn't matter, once you type it, you can choose if you'll search for the word or if you will access that website.

Google Chrome is also ahead in terms of security, it will warn you if you try to access potentially dangerous sites. It's fast and clean, the colors offered gives you a good sensation when using it. Run applications in new tabs, open as many tabs as you want, see a list of the most visited websites and access them just clicking their thumbnails.

Finally we have to say that it uses WebKit, and it works really fast and well. With no doubt, Google Chrome is currently one of the most used web browsers if we take into account that is sponsored and supported by Google and it works very well.
By Álvaro Toledo
The key to getting the most out of your Chromecast

Devices for broadcasting content from electronic devices to televisions have increased their sales exponentially in the last few years. Since their arrival in 2013, Chromecast has been one of the most highly demanded casting devices by users around the world. The many possibilities that this Google device offers once you connect it through the HDMI port on your TV, are practically limitless. That's why it's interesting to discover some fundamental features to get the most out of your Chromecast. 
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Google Chrome (finally?) reduces memory and CPU drain

While a few days ago we were singing the praises of all the novelties of the latest version of Firefox, today it's the turn of its number 1 rival: version 57 of Google Chrome arrives with several new features, foremost among them a savings in the memory and CPU consumption. The most popular browser in the world has always had a serious problem with draining system resources, and though they've been talking about fixing this for a while, they haven't gotten far in doing it to be honest. Though from Chrome 55 onward the smartphone version was considerably optimized, there was still a lot of room for maneuver, especially on the desktop. Or at least that was the case until this latest update appeared, bringing internal improvements along with it.
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Chrome 55 on Android reduces RAM usage by 50%

A major problem that's been weighing down on Google Chrome since the beginning of Android, is just how much this browser uses in terms of system resources. Although lately they've improved vastly as is shown in our recent benchmarks, there's still a long road ahead. Luckily, it seems like version 55 (for now available for Devs) is going to be a huge improvement in terms of performance, especially on devices with low RAM.
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Jan 14th, 2021

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86.0.4240.198 Nov 12th, 2020
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85.0.4183.102 Sep 10th, 2020
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braveyellowcactus43522 icon
braveyellowcactus43522 11 months ago

IN MAC OS Majave Verison 10.14.6 is not support Chrome 30 brower plz sent me supported chrome 30 version for mac.

dinaomrah111 icon
dinaomrah111 in 2019


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sarraa1234567890 2 months ago


kuswono icon
kuswono in 2018

Lumayan cepat

xiaotianhu icon
xiaotianhu in 2014

你妹啊,mac的连接 选择后下来的都是.exe的,坑爹啊 好不容易找到了mac老版本的chrome,都是exe...... 评价太短,没什么好评价的啊,都不能用还评价个毛线 多少字够了?还不够,我是不是的输入一篇小说才能够 什么情况啊

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